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Established in 1969 as a Partnership Company and incorporated in 1984 as a private Company Limited over the years what started in a humble way has grown from a mustard seed into a big tree with a gigantic spread as a result of the pioneering and enterprising efforts of our founding Fathers, with zeal, determination and vision. The Company has won laurels, awards, honors of magnitude and repute, including bronze and silver , medals from the Regulating Body, S.O.N. in manufacturing biscuits.

We are the importers of Niksnacks Cheese Balls manufactured in the Calabar Free Trade Zone. Combination Industries pioneered production in Nigeria’s Premier Export Processing Zone – the Calabar Export Processing Zone – under NEPZA in May 1999.

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Craving for something but don’t know what you want? I have the
perfect solution. And guess what? I assure you that you will love it
whether you are a child or an adult, whether it’s hot, cold, or rainy
outside. It’s NikSnacks Cheese Balls

Valu Pack

Jar Pack

20/16/10 gms Pack


Children and adults alike love the real cheese flavor of `Niksnacks’ Cheese Balls and Cheezy Tastee Snack

For everybody, for every occasion, for every time. Keep a jar around.

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Contact Us

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Niki Manufacturing Company Ltd.
BM1 Ogba Road, Benin City Edo State, Nigeria.
Tel: +234 (0)52 886111
Email: info@nikibiscuits.com